Pond Works are pond and water Feature specialists providing 

Pond & Water Feature

  • Design/specification
  • Refurbishment
  • Removal
  • Reduction
  • Construction
  • Pond Maintenance/Service
  • Repair
    • Concrete
    • Fibreglass
    • PVC
    • EDPM/Rubber
  • Equipment Supply
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Full range including Air, Pond, Trash, Clean Water Pumps, filters, control boxes
    • On-site or at our warehouse service department
  • Project Management
  • Advice – Free by telephone or at our premises

Contracting us to do work

Work will not be scheduled until we receive a signed acceptance of our quotation.

When you accept our quotation for work we may ask for a payment in advance towards equipment and material costs.

Payment for work

Full and final payment is due on the day that work is completed by bank transfer, we do not offer credit terms under any circumstances.n


If equipment is supplied and requires replacement under guarantee, any guarantee ONLY covers the equipment and does not cover the cost of our attendance at your premises, equipment testing, maintenance, de-installation or re-installation of equipment for which a charge will be made. It is your responsibility to return the equipment to our warehouse at your expense for testing and replacement if valid.

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