Lake and Pond Maintenance

Lake, Pond, Fountain and Water Feature Maintenance

All ponds, filters and equipment need to be maintained to keep them in looking in pristine condition.

Whilst there are core activities that need to take place all ponds are different and a bespoke maintenance service may be required.

Strangely the degree of maintenance stems from the location, type, design and construction of your pond and what you put in it in terms of plant type and number and fish type and number.

Maintenance includes

  • Frequency to suit
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Monthly
    • Bi-monthly
    • Half year
    • Annual
  • Water quality testing
  • Plants trimmed and fed
  • Filtration equipment inspected, cleaned and reinstalled
  • Pond fountain filled, started and tested to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Filter cleaned and serviced
  • Pipes, joints and clips checked
  • Pump intake and primer basket cleaned
  • Large debris removed
  • Skimmer basket cleaned
  • Pond, water feature, fountain winterised
  • Ponds Vacuumed
  • Replacement parts/equipment available
  • Clearance of vegetation

Maintenance of large pond and lake below

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

 Read the Winter pond cleaning article by the RHS

Maintenance of large lined pond

Maintenance of Natural Lincolnshire Lake