Construction of Gravity fed koi pond

A new koi pond may be a new feature for you or as in this case a necessity due to the owners moving home and their koi being homed in temporary tanks.

This project was to construct a new pond in to a patio area near a summer house. The customers koi were prized ‘friends’ and we needed to build as large a pond as possible maintaining usable space and access all around it.

Having excavated the hole for a ‘half and half’ pond where half was below ground we laid the bottom drain and pipe work before laying reinforced concrete to the base for strength and stability.

Koi pond construction
Koi pond construction – base and bottom drain

We then constructed a double skin wall from the base almost to finishing level.

All visible areas of the pond had facing bricks to match the house and surrounding walls with 7 newton blocks where the liner would cover.

Koi pond box liner installed
Box liner with bottom drain installed

Next we cleaned all protrusions from the internal walls, underlaid it and installed a purpose made box liner. Before completing the walls we added a through wall return and an over flow and installed the filter and equipment.

The surrounding area was later paved.

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