Story of a wildlife pond design and build

Pond Works were commissioned to design and build a large wildlife pond in the grounds of a newly constructed house in mid-Lincolnshire

Large Lincolnshire wildlife pond with pond overflow
Large wildlife pond created by Pond Works in Lincolnshire

The builders had excavated a hole (pond) prior to our arrival but that was all it was. No shape or size relevance to the clients vision.

This was created at a time of prolonged rain and inclement weather. It was so bad that we delayed the project for the weather and ground to improve and become safe to work.

Setting up the site with materials we planned the alterations to the hole. This involved importing 11 tonnes and top soil to alter the shape, width, length and depth of the hole contouring the pond creating shelves and different plateaus.

The site had been used as a household tip previously so we uncovered plenty of rubbish including antique bottles, rock, metal glass and even the remains of a Morris Minor. All painstaking excavated and removed by hand to ensure the site was clear of hazards.

The pond was covered with heavy duty underlay then lined with 1mm EDPM before a further protective lining of underlay was laid to protect the liner from the rock, pebble and cobble dressing.

We installed an over flow to maintain a maximum pond level and send water to a dyke.

Finalising a widllife pond
Cleaning the rock and stone

Once the design was brought to fruition and completed the rock and stone was systematically washed and cleaned, plants installed and the pond filled from a rain water harvesting system.

Large Lincolnshire wildlife pond
Large wildlife pond created by Pond Works in Lincolnshire

Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome and we are justifiable proud of.

And the customer feedback?

“We’re delighted with the wonderful wildlife pond made by Derek and his son Shaunin the garden of our newly built house. The pond site was a difficult one – it had formerly been used as a rubbish dumpcomplete with old bicycles, bits of car and lots of broken glass. Derek and Shaun got rid of all the rubbish and made the site ready for the pond construction.

The pond completey transforms our site. Derek has a great eye and is quickly able to recommend best design. Their use of stone is particularly clever and just looks so natural. They did a planting scheme which will look wonderful. They even provided a long list of plants which will look good around the outside of the pond.

We look forward to sitting next to the pond with a nice glass of wine once the weather warms up!”

Mr & Mrs W. Bilsby, Lincolnshire

Pictoral update 10th October 2020

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